Income Based Housing

In addition to our market rate apartment homes, here at Ltd. Med Center, a portion of our residences have been reserved for Mixed-Income Housing. If applicant’s annual income does not exceed 60% or 80% AMI (area median income), they are eligible to apply for these rent adjusted apartment homes. See below for further details on eligibility and application requirements. If you are a full time student and interested in our income based housing program, please call 713-930-1310 for more information.

We are an Equal Housing Opportunity provider and seek to process all applicants in a fair and consistent manner.

Are you a qualified applicant?

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Any applicant or household living in one of our mixed income housing apartments can earn up to the following annual incomes.

# of Residents Annual Income Cap 60% Annual Income Cap 80%
1 $39,180 $52,240
2 $44,760 $59,680
3 $50,340 $67,120
4 $55,920 $74,560
5 $60,420 $80,560

Income Verification
  • 2 months of consecutive current bank statements.
  • 1 months’ worth of consecutive pay stubs.
  • Additional documents that may be required depending on each person's individual income and assets.

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